Product description


Impact Hammer

The Terminator functions by lifting a large weight, which hits the striker pin and drives it into the rock at high speed. This generates extremely high impact, up to 20 times greater than the largest hydraulic hammers. The power is fully controllable by the operator for every blow. The Terminator can hit at any angle without damage to itself or the excavator. Conventional hammers must be pressed hard against the rock to function. The weight and power of the carrier and boom are needed to stop the hydraulic hammer from pushing away from the rock. The Terminator is different. It is simply rested on the rock. Large vibrations and impact loads are not transmitted through the carrier and onto the operator. The Terminator does not cause high cycling loads in the excavator hydraulic system. The Terminator does not cause damage to the hydraulic pumps, or excavator boom, or excavator frame.

MODEL XT 1000B XT2000B
Weight, Kg           4100 7200
Net Energy per blow, joules 113,000 200,000
Pressure min, bar 270 300
Flow (min/max), liters per min 100/250 180/450
Striker pin diameter 250 330
Striker pin stick out, mm 1140 1550
Excavator weight min/max >26 >42