Product description

The COMPACTOR is the fruit of more than two decades of use in the road and building construction domains. Developed and manufactured by pros for pros, the sturdiness, durability and practicality of our COMPACTOR is unmatched. Our COMPACTORS are an investment that pays off in practically no time, by virtue of the efficiency and effectiveness of their compaction performance and the extraordinarily high capacity use of the excavator. Compaction without a man in the trench minimizes the risk of accidents, by virtue of mechanical compaction right at the job site.

As many users have noted, COMPACTORS are incredibly quiet thanks to the vertical position of their shock absorption elements. Directional oscillation ensures that the maximum amount of power is transferred to the ground, with minimal vibrations on the excavator’s arm and in the cabin. Because COMPACTORS can be configured in many different ways and are available in a broad range of models, they’re highly efficient, safe and reliable for excavators weighing between 1.5 and 60 tons.