Product description

Yamamoto Hydraulic Rock Splitter  was designed as a mean to excavate hard rock without any concerns for vibrations, fly rock or noise. the method is based on the traditional wedge and feather method  but is using hydraulic power to split the rock instead of impact force.

The splitter  is normally mounted on a normal excavator and uses the hydraulic power of the carrier. But it can easily be used on a crane or traitor made by carrier, all depends on the type project. the simple installation method allows it to be moved from carrier to carrier without any major modifications so the same splitter can be used in many different types of project.

HRB-1000 HRB-1700
650 kg 1500 kg
102 mm 127 mm
1500 mm 2500 mm
22 mn (2250 ton) 34 mn ( 3550 ton)
25 mm 30 mm
95 mm to 110 mm 120 mm to 160 mm
1150 mm 1850 mm
3000 mm 4300 mm
1850 mm 2450 mm
320/500 bar 320/500 bar
500-700 mm 700-1000 mm











YTB-1120 Arm System

 Total solution for Horizontal application

YTB-1120 Arm system is a complete solution for using HRB-1000 in a tunnelling application. the arm system incorporates as a telescopic boom with side- angling for easy insertion of the wedge without having to move the undercarriage. between there telescopic boom there is a rotator for controlling the splitting direction.